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Road Safety education project conducted as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Abertis India.

Road safety education Project was carried out at 36 villages located nearby Raikal Toll Plaza in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana State in India as in initiative under the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The project was executed in association with Rural development Trust (RDT) which was founded by Mr. Vincent Ferrer and his work partner Mrs. Anne Ferrer in the year 1969 at Ananthapuram, Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.

The main objective of this project was to spread awareness and reduce road accidents amongst the general public, students, villagers and vehicle users and be successful in saving lives of several citizens. The total duration of the project was for around four months starting from 25th January 2019 to 17th May 2019.

List of activities conducted during the project are

•       Conducted awareness campaigns in 36 villages, secondary schools and industrial areas around Raikal Toll plaza in Ranga Reddy district.

•      Conducted essay writing/picture painting competitions to the students and distributed prizes for the performers.  

•       Wall paintings in different places in 36 villages  

•       Providing breath analysers with printers to the traffic police.  

•       Erection of hoardings and sign boards in the crucial locations  

•       Distribution of pamphlets in the villages as well as in the Toll plaza.

Conclave on CSR Road Safety Project was conducted on 13th March, 2019 at JEPL Raikal Toll Plaza in presence of Mr. Josep Quiles - CEO of Abertis India, Traffic Inspector of Raikal region - Mr. S Sunil, Vincente Ferrer RDT officials, Zilla Parishad and Raikal Village High School teachers and children and JEPL staff.

The dignitaries expressed their concerns on road accidents, emphasized the importance of road safety, ways of mitigation, distributed pamphlets and also presented breathe analyzers to Mr. S Sunil as part of this Project. Awards were distributed on this occasion to the winners of essay writing and painting competitions conducted in various schools on road safety topic.

Though the governments have taken various preventive measures to ensure the safety of the citizens using road, there is still a need for stringent implementation of measures or rules. It is collective effort which calls for fulfilling of social responsibility. Hopefully, this initiative has attained its aim in spreading awareness and educating people at root level. “If we join hands, we can transform this world”.


Blood donation camp @ JEPL (15th October 2018) 

On 15th day of Oct’2018, a blood donation camp was organized at isadak - JEPL in association with Indian Red Cross Society. The event was organized to commemorate 87th birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India. Senior officials of Police administration and local authorities started the event by garlanding the momento of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam followed by inaugurating the blood donation camp. Police administration and local authorities appreciated team isadak- JEPL towards commemorating the birth anniversary of famous personality Mr. Kalam by conducting free blood donation camp. They also recalled the life history of Mr. Kalam, who born in a poor family and elevated to the highest levels as a famous scientist and president of India by overcoming many hurdles in life. They exhorted everyone to take Mr. Kalam as role model and to reach the highest levels in their own professions.

During the camp a total of 140 units of blood was donated by JEPL staff and other sub-contractors at JEPL. Following the camp, Mr. Ronald Rose, I.A.S., Collector & District Magistrate sent certificate of appreciation to isadak- JEPL staff.

We at isadak are committed to make our roads safest and save human lives.




Social commitment of the Abertis Group

The Corporate Social Responsibility of the Group covers the following areas:

Road safety campaigns

Programmes such as “Te queda una vida”, “Autoroute Académie” and the organisation of the “Road Safety Forum” in Brazil in the last two years, all designed to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Culture and society

Support and sponsorship of art exhibitions such as the Velázquez retrospective in Paris and the Joan Miró exhibition in Brazil. In the social agenda, labour integration programmes for people with Down syndrome.


The Abertis foundation headquarters, chosen as the UNESCO International Centre for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves.

The Abertis chairs

Knowledge-sharing programmes between Universities and Companies through an international network of chairs in Spain, France, Chile, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Road Safety

31st National Road Safety Week – Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha at JEPL (11th  - 17th January 2020)

hello2.jpg (555×520)

Road safety week kick started with an inaugural ceremony and blood donation camp in the presence of Mr. Raghu- Traffic SI,Shadnagar,  Mr. Kiran-Project director NHAI, Mrs.Nagamani –DGM,NHAI,  Mr. MD Ghouse Basha- Independent engineer, Aarvee associates, members from the police department & JEPL team. 

During the ceremony, dignitaries presented road safety posters, pamphlets and messages etc. followed by a speech on road safety. Banners were displayed at prime locations along the highway. 

55 units of blood was donated during the donation camp.  

An eye camp was set-up for truck drivers, where in135 drivers were screened. 

The team also conducted a drunk & drive test to auto drivers at various fuel stations. 

Sweets were distributed to travelers who were wearing seat belts and helmets.  





31st National Road Safety Week – Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha at TTPL (11th  - 17th January 2020)

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Road safety week kick started with contribution from both Peace Trust comic team & TTPL team. 

The comic team educated safety rules and created the awareness through street theatre program at Thirumandurai toll plaza, Sengurichi toll plaza & Veppur& Siruvachoor . 

Banners were displayed at prime locations along the highway. Road safety information brouchers and pamphlets were distributed. 

An eye camp was set-up for truck drivers, where in 104 drivers were screened. 

Distribution of water bottles with safety slogans and messages to encourage the road users to wear seat belts and helmets.  







Isadak, present at the Conference on Road Safety organized by the HOAI in India

Isadak, a subsidiary of Abertis in India, has participated in the Conference on Road Safety organized by the Association of Road Operators of India (HOAI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and the National Highway Authority of India.


The companies that make up the HOAI-including Isadak, one of its founders-operate a total of 46 concessions covering around 4000 km of national and state roads in more than 9 states in India. With the focus on road safety, their efforts are focused on reducing road accidents through awareness-raising programs, improving signage, engineering solutions, and collaborating with compliance agencies.

HOAI will collaborate proactively with the Ministry of Road Transport and the main stakeholders of the sector to facilitate the deployment of a cooperative, safe and sustainable road transport ecosystem, in order to provide a platform to those dealerships that are looking for this same goal.


Out top priority is the safety in our roads.

We have 50+ years of knowledge and experience in road construction and road management.

From 2013-2016 we achieved 12% reduction in the number of accidents and 24% reduction in victims.

We know that careful maintenance and operations is key to safe roads.

Our global programme is aligned to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety framework 2011-2020.

Invesment, leading operations and innovation to deliver 100% safe roads

Infrastructure improvements

Infrastructure improvements

We have our roads designed and constructed to be safe from day one. And we invest in making our existing roads safer - such us adding extra lanes, constructing pedestrian bridges, installing safety barriers, creating secure bus stops, removing obstacles, and improving signage and street lighting.

Detailed road assessments

Detailed road assessments

We carry out assessments throughout the life of the assets using both internal and independent, internationally recognised tools and methodology.

iRAP audits across our network provide the information needed to develop targeted operational investment plans to improve road safety performance.

Operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance

Our experienced operations – through patrolling, incidents management and providing information to drivers – ensure a high level of safety for road users, mitigate incidents and enhance the quality of post-crash response.

Safety information to client

Safety information to client

A ground-breaking partnership with leading GPS-based navigation provider Waze to improve the accuracy and reliability of information provided to drivers.

Know more

Road Tech

Road Tech

We are continually investing in technology and smart engineering to make sure our customers have a smooth experience using our roads: safe, comfortable, fast and convenient.

Road Tech Report

Road Tech: Addressing the challenges of traffic growth is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, commissioned by Abertis, which examines the role of technology and smart engineering in addressing issues arising from the growth in traffic. The findings are based on desk research and interviews with more than 20 innovators and subject matter experts.

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